A grassroots campaign

Grita. Canta. Vota. is a grassroots nonpartisan campaign dedicated to registering and mobilizing the Latino community for long-term engagement through music. We believe that every eligible Latino voter should have the opportunity to shape our community and nation through the power of their vote. Music plays an integral role in Latino culture, it’s part of our cultural identity – it’s a central part of our lives that brings people together. We want to use it to empower Latinos to understand the power of their vote and participate in the democratic process.


We envision avibrant and civically engaged Latino community, creating a brighter future for themselves and their communities.


Our mission is to harness the power of music to inspire, inform, and mobilize Latinos to become civically engaged and be a part of the democratic process.

Our Story

ROOX LIVE and Includus Fund joined forces to create Grita Canta Vota The campaign is on a mission to change the culture around voting and to increase participation of Latinos in every election. ROOX LIVE is an agency connecting the world to the largest Latin concerts and festivals in the American continent! This campaign is a part of ROOX LIVE social impact commitment to Latino communities – building the power of Latino communities through music. Together they aim to use entertainment as a vehicle to reach the Hispanic community for political empowerment.

 We are just getting started, definitely more to come!



What We Do

  • Inspire
    and Engage

    Inspire Latinos to participate in the democratic process, emphasizing the importance of their voices in shaping their future. We use radio, TV, artists, ambassadors and partners to get our messaging to the public.

  • Register

    Facilitate voter registration at music festivals and through radio and digital promotion, making the process easy and accessible for all.

  • Mobilize
    the Vote

    Motivate registered Latino voters to cast their ballots on election day. We host get out the vote concerts and provide voter education through our media channels, artists, ambassadors and partners.


  • Euler Torres

  • Esau Torres

  • Bacilia Angel

  • Bridgette Gomez